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percussion trio (cowbells, woodblocks, tom-toms, brake drums

Upon starting this piece, I decided to limit myself to unpitched, small percussion in terms of instrumentation. I wanted to see what I could do with the most restricted array of resources possible in a piece, ultimately manifesting in a cowbell, woodblock, tom-tom and brake drum for each player. In doing so, I found that my compositional interest shifted from the exploration of the instruments to the interaction of the performers themselves in various circumstances; the piece contains areas that are click-track guided, polytempic, unison, and aleatoric.


I extend my thanks to lineuponline percussion for their workshopping time, and Talujon Percussion for their rehearsal time, in preparing the finished version of this piece. My thanks go once again to Talujon Percussion, and Percussion Duo Moitié, for their excellent performances in 2023.

score follower video

Talujon Percussion @ June in Buffalo, Lippes Concert Hall, USA (06/10/2023)

live performance video

Percussion Duo Moitié @ Seoul Arts Center IBK Chamber Hall, KOR (06/07/2023)

piccolo/flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, piano

then i find myself turning my back on the planets

depending on the sounds of intimate speech or to say

farewell following the light

shoals of sardines of dolphins of sharks

struggling with dawn drowning i find myself

retracing the flow of time

gaze blurred

by the breakneck speed of the universe

- Nicole Brossard; in Ardour

This piece is deeply inspired by the poetry of queer French-Canadian poet, Nicole Brossard. As a fellow LGBTQIA+ identifying artist, I was deeply moved by the sensuality and ephemerality of her poetry. This piece draws on the imagery of this poem to create an ethereal, shimmering sound-world throughout its duration.

I extend my thanks to the musicians of Barcelona Modern for their close collaboration on the finished version of this piece. My thanks go also to Tempus Konnex for taking on the piece for their 2022 ICE Week festival.

score follower video

Barcelona Modern Ensemble @ Barcelona Modern Festival, Institut Français, Barcelona, ESP (27/05/2022)

live performance video

Tempus Konnex @ ICE Week, Alte Handelsbörse, Leipzig, GER (10/07/2022)

flute(s), clarinet(s), saxophone, violin, viola, cello, trombone

calendar of murmurs

vague caresses about the planet and its water

we could have confused words

but there were doors open

confetti in the midst of darkness

gentle ways

to swoon in a corner with she who

put her tongue in my mouth

- Nicole Brossard (from Smooth Horizon of the Verb Love, 2010)

This piece continues my interest in the poetry of queer French-Canadian poet, Nicole Brossard. I worked closely with the musicians of the Tacet(i) Ensemble on the invention of new sounds for this piece. I thank them for their close collaboration and wonderful performance as part of the 2023 IntAct Festival. 

score follower video

Ensemble Tacet(i) @ ICIT – Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, THA (26/12/2022)

live performance video

Ensemble Tacet(i) @ ICIT – Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, THA (26/12/2022)

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