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Percussion Trio (2023) 

three percussion

c. 9 minutes

(best heard with headphones!)

Michael Lipsey (Percussion 1); Matthew Gold (Percussion 2); Caitlin Cawley (Percussion 3)

for Talujon Percussion at June in Buffalo, 2023 

Upon starting this piece, I decided to limit myself to unpitched, small percussion in terms of instrumentation. I wanted to see what I could do with the most restricted array of resources possible in a piece, ultimately manifesting in a cowbell, woodblock, tom-tom and brake drum for each player. In doing so, I found that my compositional interest shifted from the exploration of the instruments to the interaction of the performers themselves in various circumstances; the piece contains areas that are click-track guided, polytempic, unison, and aleatoric. Sonically, the form is quite simple and needs no explanation. Enjoy!

scorefollower video made with scorefolio

Percussion Duo Moitié @ Seoul Arts Center IBK Chamber Hall, KOR (06/07/2023)

Performance History:

03/03/2017 – line upon line percussion (workshop; draft version) – Phipps Concert Hall, Huddersfield, UK


06/10/2023 – Talujon Percussion Ensemble @ June in Buffalo – Lippes Concert Hall, Buffalo, USA


07/06/2023 – Percussion Duo Moitié @ Seoul Arts Center IBK Chamber Hall, Seoul, KOR

20/10/2023 – Percutissimo @ Remus Georgescu Festival, Timisoara, ROM

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