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finalist for the 2022 Ise-Shima Composition Prize

shoals of sardines, of dolphins, of sharks (2022)

piccolo/flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, piano

c. 9 minutes

for the Barcelona Modern Ensemble

Clara Saleiro, flute; Xavier Castillo, clarinet; Nacho Gascón, saxophone; Léo Belthoise, violin; Carmen Kleykens, cello; 

Francisco Martí, piano; Xavier Pagès-Corella, director; Demian Luna, artistic director

then i find myself turning my back on the planets

depending on the sounds of intimate speech or to say

farewell following the light

shoals of sardines of dolphins of sharks

struggling with dawn drowning i find myself

retracing the flow of time

gaze blurred

by the breakneck speed of the universe

- Nicole Brossard; in Ardour

scorefollower video made with scorefolio

piccolo/flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano

c. 9 minutes

alternative version arranged for Tempus Konnex

Delphine Roche, flute; Emanuel Dantscher, clarinet; Mishi Stern, violin; Victor Guaita, viola; Nathan Watts, cello; Alberto Carnevale Ricci, piano; Mariana Hernández Gonzales, director; JiYoun Doo, artistic director

Performance History:

Barcelona Modern Ensemble @ Barcelona Modern Festival, Institut Français, Barcelona, ESP (05/27/2022)

Tempus Konnex @ ICE Week, Alte Handelsbörse, Leipzig, GER (07/10/2022)

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