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scherzo piccolo (2019-21)

brass sextet (2x cornets, tenor horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba)

c. 6-7 minutes

winner of the 2022 John Golland Award at the RNCM Brass Band Festival

quartet version for Rosamund Brass (2x cornets, tenor horn, euphonium)

Adam Hofland-Ward, cornet; Seb Williman, cornet; Georgia Woodhead, tenor horn; Alex Barron, euphonium

Quartet version score (PDF)

Most of my scores are available for perusal in full. If you would like parts and/or printed copies, please get in touch via my contacts page!

Live recorded performance (quartet version): Rosamund Brass @ RNCM, Manchester, UK 

In many ways, this piece is a hommage to the late, great Derek Bourgeois (1941-2017) - a composer who, despite his comparatively small catalogue for the medium, made an enourmously original contribution to the brass band repertoire with his witty and satirical style. No 'true' quotations are made in this piece, however it contains many obvious tips of the hat to some of Bourgeois' classics such as Blitz (1980), The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1993), Concerto for Band No. 1 (1972/99), and Concerto Grosso (1980).


Running as one continuous movement, this piece is primarily comprised of both 'tango-' and 'march-' influenced themes (and one very cheesy 'romanza' theme) infused into one-another. It also references the typical baroque Concerto Grosso format, with all members of the sextet having moments to shine as soloists alongside polyphonic soli sections and tutti ripieno parts. The ensemble is often split into two groups playing against each-other (typically cornets and horn vs trombone, euph, and bass) and accompanying solo lines. As a tour-de-force piece for any brass ensemble, this composition requires true virtuosic playing from all members of the group.

Performance History:

01/31/2022 - RNCM Brass Ensemble @ RNCM Brass Band Festival - RNCM Concert Hall, Manchester, UK (sextet version)


05/03/2022 - Rosamund Brass - RNCM Carole Nash Recital Hall, Manchester, UK (quartet version)

05/20/2022 - Littleborough Arts Festival - Rosamund Brass - Littleborough Town Hall, Manchester, UK (quartet version)

06/21/2022 - Rosamund Brass - RNCM Festival Hall, Manchester, UK (quartet version)

10/15/2022 - Rosamund Brass - All Saints Church, Burton in Lonsdale, UK (quartet version)

01/27/2023 - Rosamund Brass @ RNCM Brass Band Festival - Carole Nash Recital Hall, Manchester, UK (quartet version)

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