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Works - previous projects

capricci/some contra-statements (2022)

flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano

c. 4 minutes

for Ensemble Court Circuit

Anne Cartel, flute; Pierre Dutrieu, clarinet; Alexandra Greffin Klein, violin; Julien Decoin, cello; Jean-Marie Cottet, piano; Jean Deroyer, musical director

I was invited to write this piece for the France-based Ensemble Court Circuit upon their 2022 Fall residency at the University of Buffalo. I had recently completed a number of pieces of duration around 10 minutes and wanted to write something shorter.

Constructed as a succession of somewhat capricious antecedent and consequent phrases, this grotesque, yet lighthearted piece is always in a state of violent, argumentative dialogue with itself; continually changing in style and character, but always maintaining a sense of petulance and humor. 

Score pdf

Most of my scores are available for perusal in full. If you would like parts and/or printed copies, please get in touch via my contacts page!

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