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2023 (upcoming)

book chapter: “Not in My Movie”: Parodic Transformations of Wes Craven’s Final Girl in the Narratives and Soundtracks of Scream and Scary         Movie in A Critical Companion to Wes Craven, published by Lexington Books

2022 (upcoming)

conference paper: Issues of Blackness and the Crossing Over of Sound: The Commodification of Soul in the Early Music of Whitney Houston at the 2022 'Confounding Expectations: Cultural Assimilation in Music and its Authenticity' Conference  (virtual; hosted by the University of Calgary)

conference paper: “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”: Gender Representation in the Slasher Horror Parody Soundtrack at the 2022 Music in the Moving Image Conference (virtual; hosted by the New York University)

artistic presentation: The Role of Anxiety in my Work: Searching for ‘Ugly Feelings’ at the 2022 Barcelona Modern Festival (virtual)

podcast appearance: Song Sandwich by Dollhouse Lightning, with Greg Nahebadian and Andrew Stowell


article by UB journalism student, Emily Matthew: Internal Strife to Audible Art: A Composer’s Quest to Unravel Life through Music


citation in journal article by Liza Lim: An Ecology of Time Traces in Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus published in Contemporary Music Review:


journal article: Initial Approaches to Idiomatic Contemporary Writing for a Musical Instrument: Discovering Methods of Practice-Based Research published in Fields: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research:

MA research thesis: Initial Research into the Fragment/Fragmentation as a Key Concept of my Compositional Methodology. University of Huddersfield; unpublished manuscript:


article by the University of Huddersfield: Young Composer chosen for Emerging Composer’s Workshop in New York

article by 4barsrest: Leyland head to Open with new flugel