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words of tongues tongued over (2021)

flute, violin, viola, cello, percussion

recording coming soon!

for HANATSU Miroir

In his epic poem "De Rerum Natura" - "On the Nature of Things" - Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius outlines his theory that the world and everything in it is coalesced through the colliding of an infinite supply of atoms falling through a limitless and timeless void. As the atoms fall, they are 'buffeted' by regular currents and flows in the motion of time (time being the forces in the void which act on the falling of matter, disrupting its speed and direction of falling), causing the great cycles of the world the occur. 

“The rivers replenish the greedy sea with the bounteous waters of their streams, and the earth, fostered by the sun, heat, renews its increase, and the race of living things flourishes, lent up from her womb, and the gliding fires of heaven are alive; all this they would in no wise do, unless store of matter might rise up from limitless space, out of which they are used to renew all their losses in due season.”

- Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, p. 61


Based on a simple recurring whole-tone melody, this piece mechanically cycles round and around itself across multiple structural levels. Constantly in a state of renewal/replenishment, it machinically 'glitches' as the same layers of material are transmitted from one strophe to the next in various permutations and juxtapositions. 


The title of this piece is taken from a poem by queer poet, Travis Sharp. The book it is taken from - "Yes, I Am A Corpse Flower" (2021; published by KFB) - can be purchased here.

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