As you navigate through my website, you may notice that some of the back-drops include intermittent rough scribbles constituting both abstract and recognisable figures. Ever since my childhood, I have always been partial to scribbling as a form of doodling, and to this day find my pen wandering across the page as my mind does the same. Although I do not consider myself a talented artist in any shape or form, this has always been a much-enjoyed hobby of mine alongside my compositional practice.


In my philosophy towards approaching any of my compositions, I often think of the piece itself as a being or entity which explores a terrain of materials; as time goes on, the piece moves through its terrain and experiments with the objects within it. Through this process of experimentation, the piece finds the terrain’s parameters and plays with them to see what is possible, exploring various nooks and crannies of potential through transformation, transmutation, juxtaposition, and repetition of the materials it finds. I find scribbling to be a method through which I am able to explore the terrain I exist within – that of my own mind. My scribbles draw from my vivid and abstract memories of people, places, experiences, dreams, hopes, wishes, and emotions; they are a medium through which I am able to make sense of my often-cluttered head-space. During my semi-present state of being whilst doodling, my subconscious and conscious minds are able to escape from my control and synergise on the page. I do not profess to be an artist, nor to be at all proficient at drawing, but my doodles are an integral, intimate part of who I am and the way I approach my work. So…please entertain this whim of mine, attempt to look past the technical deficiencies, and enjoy the untidy scrawls as much as you can!