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[internal resistance to flow is named viscosity] (2017) 

baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet

c. 11-12 minutes

for loadbang

performed at CeReNeM's 2017 Fall Concert Series

Jeffrey Gavett, baritone; Andy Kozar, trumpet; Will Lang, trombone; Carlos Cordiero; bass clarinet

Written for loadbang in the Summer of 2017, [internal resistance to flow is named

viscosity] evokes the image of a thick, churning, viscous liquid evaporating into

a gaseous imprint of itself. The piece has a strong mechanical grounding that

is manifested in the process through which pitch, rhythm, and tempo in particular

unfold in the score; layers of process are superimposed and encrusted into each-other,

forming a dense, grotesque body of interference through which the limbs of its

constituent parts poke out. The text for the work is taken from Guillaume

Apollinaire’s series of six poems collectively entitled À La Santé, making use of

poems I-IV of said six. The poems were published as part of the Alcools collection in 1913,

written after Apollinaire’s short tenure at La Santé Prison (Paris) in 1911. À La Santé

contains running themes of both physical and mental imprisonment, vividly capturing

both the literal and metaphorical effects of incarceration on the mind of the poet.


“[Viscosity is] a measure of the flow transport behaviour of a fluid. It is the phenomenon in which a fluid will

withstand a slight amount of molecular tension between particles, which will cause an apparent shear resistance between two adjacent layers. 

The term ‘viscosity’ is used to describe the fact that certain fluids flow easily, such as gases, water, and mercury, while others do not, such as tar,

treacle, and glycerine. These fluids are broadly classified as thin and thick fluids.”


- Carl Schaschke

Score pdf

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Performance History:

loadbang @ CeReNeM Fall Concert Series - St. Paul's Hall, Huddersfield, UK - 11/07/2019