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humans are stories of non-human things (2020)

trumpet trio

c. 9 minutes

“I was thinking about trash...tons and tons of putrefied garbage processually and continually being tossed into a landfill site. The trash gets crushed under its own weight, gradually being boiled down to a rancid broth of carrion and carcasses.”

A baby vomits curdled milk. She learns to distinguish between the vomit and the not-vomit, and comes to know the not-vomit as self. Every subject is formed at the expense of some viscous, slightly poisoned substances, possibly teeming with bacteria, rank with stomach acid. The parent scoops up the mucky milk in a tissue and flushes the wadded package down the toilet. Now we know where it goes. For some time we may have thought that the U-bend in the toilet was a convenient curvature of ontological space that took whatever we flush down it into a totally different dimension called Away, leaving things clean over here. Now we know better: instead of the mythical land Away, we know the waste goes to the Pacific Ocean or the wastewatee treatment facility...There is no Away on this surface, no here

and no there. In effect, the entire Earth is a wadded tissue of vomited milk.”

 - Timothy Morton

This piece stems from a short miniature I wrote for solo flugelhorn entitled “enfoldings (ii)”. This piece was made up of percussive sounds found during my explorations of the instrument. Upon showing this piece to a friend, they remarked “it just sounds like you’re trying to get spit out of your instrument for a minute”. Although this comment was meant in jest, it gave me much food for thought in term of expanding the concept for the piece into a trumpet trio. This piece aims to bring the ‘waste’ sounds of the trumpet and its player into sharp focus; breath noise, tongue-rams, valve-clicks, throat noise, and split tones caused by inconsistencies of the embouchure are the entire focus of this piece, which is essentially an exploration of Timothy Morton’s conceptual “away” dimension in relation to the trumpet. These are all sounds that are generally negated and ignored by the performer - ironed out by years of practice and good technique. Nevertheless, they are still ever-present as an ‘unsightly’ gargoyle beneath the surface of the pristine trumpet sound. This piece aims to scrape away the pure surface to reveal the monstrosity beneath.

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