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birds caught in the storm eye (2020-21)

lap steel guitar, trumpet, trombone


c. 7 minutes

(performers are playing from paper score on this recording, not video score)

Tristram Williams, trumpet; Daryl Buckley, lap-steel guitar; Benjamin Marks, trombone

from Sing Data:


birds caught in the storm eye

circling round for days and

days and when the storm reaches land

the wealthy have already left

for vacation the prison guards have abdicated

have you noticed when the poor

leave it’s called an evacuation

land nullified of poverty

birds land exhausted

find shelter too tired

to mourn those evacuated

under water the prisoners stand

on makeshift step stools heads

sideways kissing the ceiling keeping

the water out of their lungs their lips


- Travis Sharp (reproduced with kind permission)

Score pdf

Most of my scores are available for perusal in full. If you would like parts and/or printed copies, please get in touch via my contacts page!

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